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Fire Damage


We provide fire insurance claim help when you’ve suffered an unexpected disaster.  Our fire damage claims adjuster will evaluate and review your policy to write a claim that benefits you.

The Benefit of Public Adjusters in Fire Damage Claims

An unexpected fire can leave a home or business with irreparable damage. The loss of personal belongings coupled with a comprised structure may lead to an expensive restoration process. Fire damage claim Adjusters Miami have the ability to maximize your insurance settlement, to help you get the financial assistance you need to take your life back.

Property Evaluation

In evaluating your property, we’ll search for damage done by flames, heat and smoke. Our adjusters accurately document their concerns and take in all the information you’re able to provide about your losses. Fire can unfortunately cause damage to areas that seem relatively unharmed, so having a keen eye is helpful in making a comprehensive report.

Policy Review

Along with inspecting your property, we take a close look at your current insurance policy to see what you’re entitled to. Insurance companies process claims in a way that attempts to benefit them. With a total loss fire claim adjuster, you’ll have someone working based on your interests. When you’re dealing with the stress of a fire, having someone on your side can be a huge weight off your shoulders.

For fire insurance claim help, contact National Claims Adjusters to get a complimentary claim review or to schedule an inspection. We’re ready to work hard and secure the reimbursement you’re entitled to.

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Complimentary Claim Review

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Type of Claim for Property Damage.

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Water Damage

National Claims Adjusters can help maximize your insurance claim after a water-related disaster. Let us review your policy and get you maximum recovery.

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Fire Damage

A fire does not need to consume a property to cause significant damage. No other company has public adjusters in Miami that are more experienced documenting property damage caused.

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Wind and Hurricane

At National Claims Adjusters we have more knowledge and experience assessing storm damage and filing hurricane claims than our competitors in Miami.

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Mold Damage

If you need to make mold damage claims, let National Claims Adjusters help you maximize your settlement. We can help you avoid having your mold damage claim denied.

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Theft and Vandalism

If you have been the victim of a home invasion or have had your stolen car insurance claim denied, public claims adjusters help you get your life back on track.

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Flood Damage

Flooding causes damage to your home that you can easily see, by hiring National Claims Adjusters you can make sure we take care of what’s hiding inside the walls.


Complementary Claim Review

File a claim 24 hours a day, seven days a week.




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