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Water Damage


Water Damage It is among the most common types of property damage in Florida and it can result from a number of sources.  Our public adjusters are adept at finding all of the water that has entered your property whether it’s been absorbed by walls or floors or pooling in some spot hidden from view.  Aside from maximizing your property damage claim, this prevents further damage from mold or corrosion.

Improve Your Water Damage Claim With a Public Adjuster

Many homes and businesses near the coast run the risk of incurring significant water damage from flooding, high tides or even hurricanes. Our role as public adjusters is to thoroughly examine an affected property to locate all sources of moisture and produce a claim that should ultimately benefit the property owner.

Perform Comprehensive Inspections

Our knowledgeable adjusters know the signs of moisture damage, and they meticulously review each property to uncover any and all issues. We believe that your claim is just as important as preventing escalating problems down the road. The goal for our clients is to get the maximum reimbursement possible so that restoration is done promptly and properly.

Address Denied Claims

If you’ve had a water damage claim denied, we want to help. After inspection of your property, we’ll review your policy to determine if your claim was unfairly processed. Our adjusters can lay out your options for you to aid you in making an informed decision about what to do next.

Water from any source, whether inside your home or outside, can lead to expensive restoration and repair costs. When it comes to your water flood/broken pipe damage claims, you need a professional that’s committed to your personal outcome. Schedule your inspection or file your claim today with National Claims Adjusters for immediate help.



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Type of Claim for Property Damage.

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Water Damage

National Claims Adjusters can help maximize your insurance claim after a water-related disaster. Let us review your policy and get you maximum recovery.

Fire claim adjuster miami

Fire Damage

A fire does not need to consume a property to cause significant damage. No other company has public adjusters in Miami that are more experienced documenting property damage caused.

storm and wind damage claim adjusters miami

Wind and Hurricane

At National Claims Adjusters we have more knowledge and experience assessing storm damage and filing hurricane claims than our competitors in Miami.

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Mold Damage

If you need to make mold damage claims, let National Claims Adjusters help you maximize your settlement. We can help you avoid having your mold damage claim denied.

wind damage claim denied

Theft and Vandalism

If you have been the victim of a home invasion or have had your stolen car insurance claim denied, public claims adjusters help you get your life back on track.

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Flood Damage

Flooding causes damage to your home that you can easily see, by hiring National Claims Adjusters you can make sure we take care of what’s hiding inside the walls.


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