You sat out a storm in treacherous conditions and saw your entire home flooded with water. You belongings sustained major damages. Witnessing such widespread damage to their home can cause any homeowner to lose all sense of hope and justice. However, you should keep calm and file a homeowner’s insurance claim. This way you would be able to begin restoration measures in your home and recover from this tragedy. It is imperative that you have adequate information about water damage insurance claims to improve your chances of your water damage claim being accepted.

A lot of homeowners don’t go about this in the correct manner. This is why their water damage claim is denied, which can cause even more stress. That is where you will require the expertise of the best claim adjusters in Miami to help improve your chances of a water damage claim being accepted. To help you do that, here are the best tips for improving your chances of gaining approval:

Review Your Policy

The most obvious and best way to get your water damage claim accepted is by reviewing the policy and understanding the exceptions that are in the policy. This is something that is best left to claim adjusters in Miami, since there is a lot of information to go through and the language may not make sense to you. It’s important that all details of the policy are met as that will influence the outcome of the water claim.
Avoid Using the Word ‘Flood’

Just as important as reviewing your policy is avoiding using the phrasing ‘flood’ in your homeowners’ insurance claim. That is mainly because ground flooding isn’t anything like a water pipe bursting and causing problems. Therefore, if you use the word ‘flood’, that can lead to a water damage claim being denied, especially if you don’t have flood insurance in your policy. It is better to use terms like ‘water flow’ or ‘water damage’.

Report the Claim Immediately

The more time that you end up taking for your insurance claim, the greater the damage could be for your home. Delaying the claim could mean skyrocketing repair costs. The best thing to do after water damage is to report the claim immediately, so that the compensation you end up getting covers all the damage.

Take a Lot of Pictures

You should be careful when you’re planning on cleaning up, because you want to leave evidence for the insurance company to decide the claim in your favor. On the other hand, you also want to prevent more damage to your property. If you must move something or fix something before the insurance inspection, you should take lots of pictures of the original setting. Having a lot of documentation during this phase is important as it will strengthen your water damage claim.

Don’t Send Documentation with Missing Information

A lot of the times, water damage claims are denied due to incomplete data or not enough information being documented. You should ensure that everything is documented and present with your insurance company before you send in the documentation as it is vital for your water damage claim. After the claim has been approved, you can begin the restoration work on your property. The insurance company may suggest a restoration company for restoring your property but you don’t have to take their suggestion.